Sunday, October 14, 2018

Professional Practice


Making Do Installation 5' X 5'. 2011.

Making Do Quilt 5' X 10'. 2011

Making Do Grad Project at Emily Carr University of Art and Design. Exhibited in the Concourse Gallery in June 2012. 

This work expresses the increasing struggles of the family.  Making Do Quilt is made of reclaimed fabric from a woman's work suit on the right and a baby spit up blanket and tea towel on the left. A large knit piece connects the two halves of the 'work'. 

Making Do installation exhibited at my convocation from ECUAD in 2012. Exhibited again at the Deer Lake Gallery in January Blues 2017.

Pine Ridge Mural. 88 Ceramic Tiles mounted in wooden frames. 5' X 5'. 2015.

This is a community project currently exhibited at the Pine Ridge Housing Cooperative. An art initiative on the theme of Home, where a representative from each of the 88 households from the 4 buildings created a tile on the subject of what home means to them.

4 panels 1' X 5'.

88 ceramic tiles with sgraffito and/or cone 6 glaze. 4" X 4".

Ceramic Crows. Cone 6. 2" X 8" average. 2016.

With Linda Lewis' porcelain cups.

Attempted Murder, 89 ceramic crows, were exhibited at the East Side Culture Crawl November 2016 at Hello Wold Ceramics Gallery and Studio on East Hastings street in Vancouver. And at the Coquitlam Library.

Garden Crows exhibited and sold at Little Critters Gallery and the Farmers Market in Maple Ridge in 2015. 

Flower Pond. Cone 6 Ceramic. 7". 2018.

Kelp Pond. Cone 6 Ceramic. 7". 2018.

Leaf Pond. Cone 6 Ceramic 6". 2018.

This work was exhibited and sold at Inspiring Creativity in the Port Moody Art Centre Gallery August 2018. Although the show exhibited the work of the instructors at the art centre who inspire creativity in their students, this work was inspired by the desire to protect our beautiful BC coast. 

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