Friday, October 12, 2018

The Magic of the Western Woods

A Children’s Story for Pine Ridge

After a devastating oil spill, fairies living in the Western woods, need to journey to the secret garden to collect a sacred crystal which will harness the four elements with unusual power and save the world.

In the western woods, there are many neighbours who nurture the young fairies. As fairies are not born but bloom from flowers and tree buds in the spring, they are raised by all.  

A red fairy is a master of nutrition
A yellow fairy is a master of physical health
A brown fairy is a master of the spirit
A black fairy is a master of the mind. 
A blue fairy is a master of creative expression
A pink fairy is a master of music.
A green fairy is a master of critical thinking

Along with tall evergreens, the protectors of history called the elders; these fairies keep the natural cycles moving. 

In the forest, there are different factions: the Crossed faction, the veiled ones, the Orange Robbed ones, and the Naked ones. Someone from each camp has been chosen for this important quest. 

In the bark of the tree sometimes you can get a glimpse of the sun god. But he is fading into history now. The fairies don’t bother with him much. Likewise, under the light of the full moon sometimes you can glimpse the goddess glowing in the deep recesses of the forest. 

One day a terrible tragedy occurs. An oil geyser springs from the mountain drowning all living things in its oily ooze. The oil monster arises and grows larger. 

Our young group of fairies are reared and trained by their chosen master of a particular talent. Armed with gifts from each of their mentors, they set out on their quest.  

They must take the Crystal to the tower in a strange city, where a ruler called The Energy Giant, lives. The group of young fairies must give the Energy Giant the crystal so that he may power his city with it. Thereby ridding the world of the oil monster for good.  

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