Wednesday, November 21, 2018

New Work

New Work Fall 2018

Driftwood Tea Set

Stoneware. 5"X6" 
with beachstone top and bamboo handle.

With cream and sugar.

With "snuggle mugs."

Sgraffito Platter
12" X2" stoneware.
Zen Doodle inspired by the four elements of the earth.
Inspired by Zentangle designs by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts.

Driftwood Cookie Jar
with, master potter, Robert Shiozaki.
12" X 12" with driftwood handle. Stoneware. 
Inspired by the absence of sea stars.

Just Claying

Hello, and good morning on day (I've lost count) of self isolation. So, like you, I am stuck at home. Going a little stir-crazy, i...