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Artist Statement and bio.

Artist Statement

My work often comments on domestic politics. The icons I most identify with are Emily Carr and Freida Khalo.  Carr may have been my first love, as she painted a landscape that I was familiar with. But later, I began to appreciate how she portrayed the unseen. Khalo's personal narrative has always spoken to me as a way for us all to express our personal struggles through art. In my own work I endeavour to capture something between these two masters rendered in clay. 


I have 20 years of experience working with clay. I began my career at Camosun College in 1995 under the direction of Diane Searle and Martin Summers. Where I gained experience with pottery and sculpture, the pug mill and reclaiming clay, electric kilns, Raku and pit firing.  I apprenticed for Searle that summer in her Victoria studio. Then was accepted to Emily Carr University that fall to pursue my studies in ceramics. Where I studied under the guidance of Darcey, Paul Mathieu and many other accomplished ceramists. There I gained experience understanding the firing process,  glaze technology and elevating my clay skills in a conceptual art setting. 

I took a leave of absence to study art internationally.  Backpacking through Europe to see the Old Masters; While teaching English as a second language in Asia, I studied Chinese brush painting and calligraphy.  

Upon returning to Canada, I completed a BFA at ECUAD in Visual Art. Studying painting and illustration. Starting out with the City of Burnaby, by volunteering at the Burnaby Art Gallery, then working at the Deer Lake art gallery. I served as secretary on the board of BC Ceramics on Granville Island.  And apprenticed under Ceramic artist, Linda Lewis while teaching Visual Arts at a number of community Art centres in the lower mainland.  I spent five years at the Port Moody Art Centre clay studio alongside such Ceramic masters as, Dan Severance, Pauline Doyle and Robert Shiozaki. I currently work with the Burnaby Potters Guild at the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts and teach pottery classes at Bonsor for the city of Burnaby. 

As an art instructor, I try to create a space to relax into the art. I think of myself as a facilitator to meet the student where they are.  I teach students of all ages at Bonsor. 


August 2018 - Port Moody Art Centre - Inspiring Creativity - Tidal Bowls.
November 2017 - Hello World Ceramics - Culture Crawl - Crows.
August 2016 - Port Moody Art Centre - Inspiring Creativity - Crows.
January 2015 - Deer Lake Art Gallery - January Blues - Making Do Installation.
May 2012 - Concourse Gallery ECUAD - Graduation Exhibition - Making Do quilt.

Nicole Smith
Follow my work on Instagram and classes on Facebook.
Member of Burnaby Potters Guild. 

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