Thursday, March 19, 2020

COVID-19 - Isolation - Claying at home

COVID -19 - Isolation - Claying at Home

Hello, my clay enthusiasts.

This post is particularly for my students and clay participants at Bonsor Recreation Complex.

As it may be some time before we are able to reconvene for clay classes, I wanted to encourage you to keep using your clay skills at home. It can be done during our regular class time, since you have already carved that time out of your day.  It can involve as much or as little set up as you like. See my tutorials page for some tips (or many other YouTube videos).

We work with low fire clay at Bonsor.  This can be purchased locally at Greenbarn.

Not to overstate it, but as I mention in class, Please be mindful of the silica dust clay creates in your home. Good clean up is key :)

Although this is not our regular practice (for safety reasons) but given these extraordinary circumstances, if you make a project at home, you can bring it to our next class to be fired. But please bring the clay bag with you so I can verify the clay you used is compatible with our firing method. If you chose to purchase glazes at greenbarn as well, please also, bring the container to class.  Otherwise, you can wait to glaze in class.

Happy Claying!

Feel free to email questions to me at

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