Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The Rant and Rave: rave about "Earth, Form, Fire" exhibition

"The Rave"

In this blog I intend to review the many art shows I go to see. Using this as a vehicle to discuss the varied issues that come from, viewing, as well as producing art.

Tri-City Potters Group - Earth, Form, Fire

These are my peep’s. I am honoured to belong to the Tri-city potters group.

I have been preparing work for months to be considered for this juried exhibition. But, alas, at the last minute I pulled out.

There were practical reasons at the time. But could it have been a bit of the inferiority complex rising again? Maybe.

Working alongside these masters of clay I am reminded of why I call my practice, “Peri arts”. As my practice is literally peripatetic. In that my interests roam; I most often find inspiration while walking; and, like Aristotle, I learn from the masters while on the journey.

However, compared to these pillars of the clay community, I feel like I am “just claying.” So that is what I am embracing and encouraging my students to do as well. Because in the end we are all just playing with clay.

My takeaway from this show is to own it. Whoever you are as an artist at this time, be that. Because I firmly believe we are all artists in our own way. And we all struggle with knowing there are always those who are better than us. But it is important to not let that stop you from letting your inner artist shine.

Most of these masters teach in their own way. I would encourage you to find inspiration here at the Port Moody Art Gallery. Enjoy.

Here are the pots that I chose not to submit for this show if you are curious.

Artist Statement

I was noticing how heavy my bag was becoming. I carry this with me everywhere. I am Constantly trying to shed the weight by getting rid of things I don’t need, unsuccessfully. Then I began thinking of other kinds of baggage we carry. And I made these. I picture beautiful things growing in them.

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